Approximately 17,000 accidents each year involves a cyclist, despite recent high profile campaigns to reduce the number.  If you are a cyclist and have been involved in road traffic accident then you may be eligible to make an accident claim for compensation. Contact us with all the relevant details of the accident and we can advise you whether you can make a successful claim.
Of course prevention is better than cure and there are a number of ways a cyclist can reduce the chance of having an accident or limit the severity of an injury. These include:
1.       Wearing a helmet to protect your head;
2.       Wearing sports sunglasses to stop the glare of the sun from distorting your vision and to stop anything from entering your eyes;
3.       Having a working light to illuminate the road and any hazards in front of you;
4.       Wearing brightly coloured clothing so others can see you;
5.       Reflectors at the front and rear of your bike to alert other road users of your presence;
6.       Wearing gloves to protect your hands should you be involved in an accident.
As may be expected as a cyclist, a serious injury which you are more at risk of is a head or brain injury. Our expert head injury solicitors can make sure you not only receive the correct amount of compensation but that you also access the best and most appropriate rehabilitation and support as quickly as possible after your accident.