If you have suffered an injury or illness whilst on holiday, you may be able to make an accident claim for compensation.

Common injuries arising from an accident on holiday may include: 

  •  Injuries suffered as a result of defective hotel equipment and fittings including flooring, hotel furniture, bath and shower facilities, balconies and fences
  • Injuries suffered on transport whilst on holiday
  • Claims arising from food poisoning and poor standards of hygiene
  •  Injuries sustained on day excursions
  • Injuries arising from the participation in sporting activities, including injuries that may arise in the use of the hotel or apartment swimming pool facilities.

If your accident occurred whilst on holiday in the UK, it will be dealt with in the same way as any other accident claim for compensation.

If your accident occurred whilst you were on a package holiday you may be entitled to make a compensation claim against the tour operator who organised your package holiday as they have duty of care towards you. A typical package holiday will consist of:

1.       Flights to and from your holiday destination. 

2.       Transfers to and from the airport and your accommodation.

3.       The accommodation for the duration of your holiday. 

If you suffered an injury whilst not on a package holiday, or if the injury had nothing to do with your tour operator you may still be entitled to make an accident claim for compensation. For example you may have participated in a trip which was not part of the package holiday deal and suffered an injury or perhaps you chose to eat at a venue independent from your package holiday and suffered food poisoning. In these circumstances you may need to direct your claim against whoever was at fault in the country in which you were injured or became ill.

This is a more complicated process than when claiming against a tour operator, but it  is still possible and may be something our personal injury solicitors will be able to assist you with.

If you are injured whilst travelling abroad by plane or boat you may be able to make a compensation claim. Your right to claim damages is determined by either the Montreal or Athens Conventions on air and sea travel. These Conventions however are not straight forward and we would advise you to seek legal representation when pursuing such accident claims. Again our personal injury lawyers can guide you through these conventions and advice you on whether or not you can make an accident claim for compensation.

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