Unfortunately, accidents arising from road traffic incidents, workplace, minor trips and slips, holiday, sports injury and others are a regular occurrence of everyday life. If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, in the last 3 years, you have a legal right to claim compensation.

Most Personal Injury Claims are brought under the No Win No Fee system. This arrangement provides access to justice for all because it does not attempt to exclude any member of society from making a claim, however well off or poor. Win or lose, there will be no large legal bill to face at the end and you will be fully supported throughout the process by a highly experienced lawyer.

Many people suffering accident injury shy away from making a claim for compensation, because they are uncertain and don’t fully understand the process. Yet, if your injury has negatively impacted your life, medical treatment may not be covered under the NHS. A waiting list may mean it takes too long to deal with your injury and your suffering is prolonged. You may need specialised equipment or adaptations in your home; your injury may mean loss of earnings leading to unpaid bills. Whiplash injury claims are particularly common because if younowinnofee cannot drive your transport costs may rise or you may need to travel a long distance to visit a medical specialist.

When you have been injured as a result of careless or negligent action by someone else, it is unfair that you should have to pay these extra expenses. A claim for compensation could prevent similar accidents occurring in the future. Solicitors in our personal injury department are Law Society registered and have many years experience dealing with successful accident injury claims. One of their particular areas of expertise is car accident and whiplash injury claims. Professional advice will be necessary for pursuing a claim; our team will welcome your call for more information on how you can claim maximum compensation for your injury.

All calls are handled with strict confidentiality, with no obligation to pursue your case should you wish to take it no further.