We have helped countless individuals who have suffered an injury in the workplace; if you have then we can help you to.
There is a long list of reasons why an accident in the workplace may occur: perhaps you have been provided with faulty equipment such as a ladder, gloves or eye protective wear, or you may be using machinery which malfunctions and injures you because it was not properly maintained. In both of these situations you may be entitled to make an accident claim. In another scenario you may be responsible for moving heavy boxes or carrying out heavy loading but have not had the proper training. Your accident may have arisen because of the negligence of a colleague, for instance a forklift driver not paying attention, an electrician laying faulty wiring or a warehouseman leaving a box lying around in the workplace. These situations could all give rise to an accident claim.
Regardless of the type of accident you have experienced at work and notwithstanding the type or severity of the injury you suffered from, contact us to find out if you are entitled to make an accident claim. If you are we will guide you through the entire process and give you an idea of the amount of compensation you could receive.
You may be worried that making a claim against your employer will jeopardise your employment. Your employer is not allowed to sack you for making an accident claim and any change in their behaviour towards you could also be an employment law issue.