It is estimated that on average 2.7 million people each year have to visit hospital after an accident in the home. In many of these cases the accident was not the individual’s fault and as such many are entitled to make an accident claims for compensation.
For example if the accident was due to a defective product that you purchased such as a chair which subsequently broke beneath your weight or a piece of electrical equipment, such as a hairdryer or straighteners which caught fire and burned you, then you would be entitled to make a personal injury compensation claim against the manufacturer of the faulty product or the person who sold it to you.
Perhaps the accident was caused due to negligent or poor workmanship carried out on or in your home such as a newly fitted window frame falling onto you. Perhaps poor plumbing, which as a result caused unusually hot water to run over you in the shower, then you could make a personal injury compensation claim against the company or individual which carried out the work.
You may not own your property, but be the tenant of a council or housing association. In this case your landlord has a duty to keep the property in a good state of repair. If this duty is not met and causes you to have an accident or sustain an injury, then you may also have a claim for compensation. Examples we have dealt with include defective stair carpets which create a tripping hazard, flood damage causing ceiling a collapse, or inadequate fire or gas safety causing serious accidents.
If you believe that you may be eligible to make an accident claim, contact our specialist solicitors who can advise you on whether or not a claim is possible.