An industrial injury or industrial disease covers a broad range of problems from construction site falls or office accidents to factory claims arising out of dangerous machinery.  Scaffolders and scaffolding labourers are particularly vulnerable to injury due to the fact that they carry out dangerous work at height. There are regulations that acknowledge this extra risk and which impose additional safety obligations on those in charge of scaffolding work. In the factory setting machines with cutting blades create a real danger and should be properly guarded.
Many warehouses and factories have vehicles and workers moving around in the same work areas and accidents often happen when the two inadvertently meet. Employers are obliged to organise their workplaces to keep traffic routes and pedestrians separate.
Your employer has a legal obligation to provide a safe environment for you to work in, as well as an obligation to provide you with all the necessary equipment and training for you to discharge your own obligations as an employee. If your employer has failed to do this the consequences on your health, ability to work and finances can be huge. In such a circumstance you may be eligible to claim compensation for the effects of the injury including the pain suffered and the other financial repercussions.
Contact us to tell us more about the accident you have had and we can then advise you whether or not you can make a claim for compensation.